Source code debugger does not work on Mac iOS Simulator

I have been trying for several days to get the Xcode iOS simulator to run in VS Code on a Mac to debug Ionic source code (.ts) files. It simply does not work. I have tried simple apps built from ionic templates - no luck. I get a variety of errors, mostly WebView not found. I have tried every suggestion on every google search I can find. I have re-read all the documentation on preparing your environment for device debugging, to no avail. The debug session starts OK, and brings up the iOS simulator, and even runs the app on the sim. But source level (.ts) debugging never starts and after a few seconds I get a huge popup with a WebView not found error (or similar). My coworkers gave up long ago and now develop in Windows. I am reluctant because Mac is a much better platform for this (Can run iOS & Android simulators on same machine). About 6 months ago I did get this to work, but now it does not. I have come to the conclusion it is not possible anymore and I must switch to Windows.