I’m a software developer who specializes in front-end development but also has a burning passion for linux and open source software. At some point I would like to become a full stack developer, but currently I’m focussing myself mainly on the front-end.

I still want to learn how to setup my own CI/CD solutions (perhaps gitlab runners) for my project and creating ansible and perhaps even terraform scripts for my build processes and infrastructures. This requires me to also learn more about containers and orchestration. I am leaning towards learning these things from red hat enterprise solutions. I would want to learn more about the CI/CD pipelines that are currently available and how I should for example write automated tests within angular.

There is a lot I still have to learn but I’m gradually getting better at things.

I currently work at a very small startup (with only 2 people) that is located in the netherlands. This company is called inner join and our website can be viewed in my profile.

There are still things we have to improve on the current inner join website so please don’t go berserk about our current website. I know some things might not look exactly how they should or that we even don’t have a cookie notice, which we should fix (VERY) soon.