IOS | APNS Push Notification not Receiving

APNS its work or not in IONIC-5 capacitor?

and in import { PushNotifications, Token } from ‘@capacitor/push-notifications’;
already i am getting device token then why firebase plugin all this required ?

i am using PHP for server side i am sending through APNS but i am not receiving notification in my device how this is possible please help.

I don’t know in your case what’s happening, but push notifications with capacitor do work.

Does your app have the push notification capability enabled in Xcode?
Did you make APNS certificate or key in your app developer account?
Have you copied the GoogleService-Info.plist file inside your ios folder?
you can follow this guide:

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Does your app have the push notification capability enabled in Xcode? = > yes
Did you make APNS certificate or key in your app developer account? => yes

already i done same steps but i am facing.

and one more issue is there, whenever we add GoogleService-Info.plist file in App folder in ionic appflow build is failing

follow the steps in this tutorial:

it just works fine

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this is issue in ionic appflow

my configurations , but in ionic appflow its getting faild build

it’s in the wrong place. you must put it inside App/App and you must do it from xcode, not from the finder

Exactly that is in app/app is there I already attached screenshot… folder structure

Using xcode it’s working but in ionic appflow its getting failed

  1. you must copy the file FROM xcode and not from the file explorer in order to make it work

this is the place where you put your file

instead you must put inside here

you can see your file is just next to podfile and podfile.lock

it must be next to info.plist

and i repeat my self: you must copy it from xcode

yes tried outside from app folder also app/app and i am dragging from finder to xcode as a documentation says but not use i will attach video as we as screen shots of ionic appflow .

OK video not attaching here but i did dragon drop from finder to xcode


now this is ionic appflow build

try again, it’s something in your configuration because i’m using appflow and it works fine

but if i remove this .plist file then build is working in ionic appflow. And After add .plist file push notification working when i am using build from xcode. with same configration.
the problem is ionic app flow, because we are using deployment from ionic appflow so its required for me.
ok thank you so much for your help.
as i see many people reporting same issue.


Did you make sure the file is included in the targets:

Also please make sure the file is showing up under the below sections

/* Begin PBXBuildFile section */
/* Begin PBXFileReference section */
/* Begin PBXGroup section */

in the


i am done with same think. and using with xcode its working properly as i mention earlier. the problem is in ionic appflow.

exact same issue which is already shared some one.

thanks @ciccilleju i got a solution for this.
thank you so much for your time

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