iOS builds failing in App FLow


Our iOS builds are failing on App Flow. Locally they succeed with Xcode 11. We are using Ionic 3 with a bunch of plugins

When the build uses Xcode 10, then there is an error. So I tried building with Xcode 11, there the build process is stuck at “Initializing…”

Xcode 10 Error:

[07:37:43]: ▸ 1 error generated.
[07:37:43]: ▸ /Users/ionic/builds/…/platforms/ios/…/Plugins/cordova-plugin-background-fetch/CDVBackgroundFetch.m:9:9: fatal error: could not build module ‘TSBackgroundFetch’
[07:37:43]: ▸ #import <TSBackgroundFetch/TSBackgroundFetch.h>
[07:37:43]: ▸ ~~~~~~~^
[07:37:43]: ▸ 2 errors generated.

Xcode 11 Errror:

My experience with these kind of things is very low, so please excuse me, if this is a silly question.