iOS 9 Broke my app completely


My app was killed with the release of iOS9. When I now run emulation the app goes to the loading screen, but then after it finished loading it just sits there at a blank white screen. If I simply run ionic serve then everything shows up as expected. Are there any fixing coming out soon? I have no idea how to debug what is wrong since everything is running great during serve. This sucks…

Ionic ios9 issues

open safari and go to developer option. there you will see the list of screens and select the relevant one. When you select the device or simulator the console opens. You can then debug.

If ionic serve works, then some plugin might be the culprit as plugins don’t work in the desktop browser.

And the white screen of death is mainly because of angular error.


Sounds like you may need to apply the ios9 patch (noted on the ionic blog) and the transport security line to your .plist file (again, noted on forums and the blog post).

If your app tries to call any URL iOS essentially blocks it now unless you set that flag. Not specific to ionic, this is something apple are doing to help make apps more secure in general.


Thanks so much! The issue was related to my services not using https which is now a requirement with iOS9. I added the patch as well and everything was fixed. Thanks so much for the tips.