Which cordova splashscreen version builds in Xcode 8?

I am having trouble building cordova-plugin-splashscreen using xcode 8.

I am getting the following error:

[02:46:34]: ▸ Compiling CDVSplashScreen+IonicCordovaCommon.m

[02:46:34]:▸ ❌ /Users/ionic/builds/abcsoftware/ourapp-app/platforms/ios/OurApp/Plugins/cordova-plugin-ionic/CDVSplashScreen+IonicCordovaCommon.m:48:20: unrecognized platform name iOS

[02:46:34]: ▸ if (@available(iOS 10.3, *)) {

[02:46:34]: ▸ ^

I think I just need to find the correct version of cordova-plugin-splashscreen to be able to build.

Does anyone know which version I need?

I tried all available versions. Nothing worked (in ionic pro package build).

Ended up building the release package locally on a mac mini. No problems…