iOS 11 style InAppBrowser

Greetings again everyone,

I’ve been doing a bit more work with some clients and one of the things i’ve picked up on this time is how different the Cordova InAppBrowser plugin looks vs the native inAppBrowser. Below is when I mean:

The first picture shows a modern iOS 11 style inAppBrowser which suits the iPhone X perfectly, showing the header text and share menu etc correctly as expected. The inAppBrowser cordova plugin which is displayed at the bottom however is quite glitchy, especially on the iPhone X.

Does any one know of a native plugin, whether ionic supported or cordova which supports this more modern UI vs the old one.

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  • Matt
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Hi, Matt,

Did you find any better solution?

The current Cordova InAppBrowser plugin is so ugly, that I needed to dig into the plugin to modify Objective-C code to make it look better on iPhone X. However, it still has many issues, for example - landscape launch breaks portrait view.