InAppBrowser header issue for iPhone X or similar devices, which uses notch header display - Solution

Here is a working workaround/example tested on iOS/Android devices having notch display to make header fit to screen.

Plugin Version - **<plugin** name **=** "cordova-plugin-inappbrowser" spec **=** "^3.0.0" **/>**

InAppBrowser plugin adds hard coded header for iOS devices which 22px which is not equivalent for notch displays.

To fix this simply go to XCode before running project and comment the below file content, it can’t be done in the workspace plugin list as it will over ride each time you build project.

Select : Project --> Plugins --> CDVInAppBrowser.m and comment out the code

//statusBarFrame.size.height = STATUSBAR_HEIGHT;

It doesn’t work with the _self option that uses InAppBrowser for URL handling … Has anyone solved it that way?