IOS 11 & 12 compatibility issue for Ionic v6 & Angular 14

we have Ionic v6 & angular 14, APP is running on IOS 13+ but if we are using IOS 11 & 12. it is showing splash screen not proceeding ahead. is this due do version compatibility as we are using angular 14 & capacitor 3? please provide solution

Ionic starters target es2015 by default, that allows to support as low as iOS 13 (the official lower iOS version supported by Ionic 6.
That’s more than what Angular 14 supports by default (last two major versions).
You can try to change the es2015 to es5 in your tsconfig.json file and see if things still work on iOS 11 and 12.
Anyway, Capacitor 3 doesn’t support iOS 11 neither.

In our case for IOS 11 & 12 we can see splash screen.

Thanks for quick response will check. given solution.