Angular Capacitor Test App

I am looking for a sample app for Ionic + Angular + Capacitor, with the latest version. Very much like the Test-App written in React that can be found [here](

The reason I ask is because I get absolutely nothing to work. Neither Android NOT iOS are working as expected. In Android I get a white screen after the splash screen goes away. In iOS, after adding plugin @capacitor/splash-screen, I get an exception. This is all very frustrating.

Here are my steps:

  1. ionic start
  2. npm build -prod
  3. npx cap sync android
  4. npx cap open android
  5. Run app in Android Studio. Emulator loads, app loads, Splash Screen shows and then nothing.

So, I am looking for sample app from the actual Ionic and Capacitor teams in Angular that actually works. Thank you very much!

What’s the Android version of the emulator you are using?

Old emulators have old WebView versions and old WebViews don’t work well with modern Angular.
You can make angular compile to es5 so it could support older WebView versions by following this Mobile Browser Support to Run Ionic Apps Anywhere

Capacitor itself can work on WebView version 55 (despite it says it requires 60). Android 5-7 emulators have older versions, so you can’t test on them even if compiling to es5.

I saw your other topic about the Splash Screen error, but I can’t reproduce that.
Can you try with the react sample app and see if the same happens?
What’s the Xcode version you are using?

Have you followed ALL the steps here? Capacitor - Cross-platform Native Runtime for Web Apps | Capacitor Documentation

Thank’s for your quick reply. I was able to fix the iOS relates issues. Removing and then re-adding the platform seems to have done the trick.
Android sometimes works, other times it doesn’t. What you gave was enough to me moving on the right track.