IOS 10.1.1 warning "App will slow down device"

We recently did an Ionic cloud build and upgraded some of our phones to IOS 10.1.1 and now we get a warning saying “the app will slow down your device and should be updated”. We got the warning after we uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it after updating to IOS 10.1.1. Anyone else get this warning or experience this?

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+1, same here. Is there any solution?

Out of curiorsity, could you list the Cordova plugins you are using?

same here. ios shows a warning. I’m using firebase sdk and cordova camera plugin

Can’t say for sure but it’s most likely the warning is because your build is 32-bit only. If you do a 64-bit build it should go away.

The same issue is mentioned here Performance alert when deploying to iOS 10.1

What version of cordova-ios are you using? I do not see this message with cordova-ios@4.3.0, but I do see it with older versions of cordova-ios.

I have just started seeing this since updating iOS.

Please could you explain (or point to some instructions) on setting things up for a 64-bit build.


Check out my reply in this thread for steps, specifying the cordova ios version in package.json worked for me.

Thanks you. That seems to do the trick!