"project" may slow down your iPad


For some reason I started getting this response when building my Ionic 1.3 application.

“The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility”

Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this?


Does anyone have any information on this?


I know this shows up when you put a 32bit app on iPhone 5S+

What cordova version do you have?


I ran into the same error message today after switching from an iPhone5 SE to an iPhone 6 emulator. I also found the 32bit vs 64bit stuff online, back from 2014. According to this blog post by cordova (http://cordova.apache.org/announcements/2014/11/25/ios-64bit.html) the 64bit support should be built in since almost 2 years (I am on version 6.4.0).

… anyone else having an idea?


Seeing the same note now in the iPad Air iOS simluator after upgrading to xCode 8.x (from 7x).