ionViewDidLoad called each time tab is clicked

I have a weird issue,
I have a tabs application. All my tabs work fine except that when I click a tab second time, the tab is reloaded… this happens all the time… I want the tab to persist its data when I click the second time.

The console.log says ionViewDidLoad Solidconverter each time i click on tab which ofcourse is refreshing the whole contents of the tab

I based my current app on tabs too, and in fact there are strange bugs, tabs sometimes confuse each other with variables and such.

Like if you try to push a new page from a tab (like a child page), it won’t work well with back button disappearing. This is a known bug since one year, and repeateatly closed as “solved” on Github.

My advice: Try to avoid tabs if possible, I changed my navigation design to use segments and modals more. It works quite well inside tabs. Below link on how to use segments.

Hope that helps,