ionSpinner and $ionicLoading

Hi, I’m using the $ionicLoading while loading content from a rest service and hiding the loading progress on then call of promise.
This is done only the first time data is required.
Then I’m using pull to refresh (ionRefresher) to refresh data but the ionSpinner in the refresher is frozen (without animation).
I think there is something wrong when in the call to $ionicLoading.hide() that freezes all ionSpinners in view. My platform is android. Here is an small example of this behavior using only a ionSpinner and $ionicLoading:

Why don’t you try: ion-refresher
<ion-refresher refreshing-text="Loading.." on-refresh="doRefresh()"></ion-refresher>
and in the doRefresh() function add the following line hen you want to stop the ion-refresher from spinning:

you should totally use $timeout instead of native setTimeout aaand

ion-spinnter only shows a spinning icon. you need to hide it on your own.

The point is, I’m using ionicLoading the first time data is required and ionRefresher when the user needs to refresh data, but ionicLoading.hide freezes ionRefresher spinner, I get the ionRefresher behavior but not de spinner annimation.
Updated the Pen to show the behavior.

I have the same situation with no animation on spinner icon after hiding initial loading spinner. How to solve this problem?