Ion-spinner broke animation with $ionicLoading

Hi guys!

The problem is: after $ the spinner is showed but the animation move a little bit and pause, after the page finish all loading, the animation is resumed.

how i am using

trigaApp.constant(’$ionicLoadingConfig’, {template: template: '<‘ion-spinner class=“spinnerContent” icon=“android”>’, noBackdrop: true});

in each controller to show i use view states

scope.$on( “$ionicView.enter”, function( scopes, states ) { …


I am also having some trouble with the new spinner, while the app is loading/rendering other content. It was no problem with the old ionicon loading animations. The animations are laggy and sometimes stop working altogether.
Is this still being worked on?

I have this problem too - the old animated icons were nice and smooth, but the SVG version lags badly and then vanishes.

I think the SVG icons are great and look pretty good, but if you want the old functionality of loading animations, take a look at the scss/ionicons/_ionicons-animations.scss file from beta 14 in the github repo. This was removed in RC0 but contains the logic that allowed for loading animations through icons…

No rocket science, just basically making a keyframe/animation that rotates 0-360 degress and applying that keyframe to the icon when the loading class is applied to the refresher.

Thanks for pointing this out to us! I wonder if there is also a convenient way to disable the ion-spinner completly, where it shows up on default.

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which would be:

<ion-refresher spinner="none"></ion-refresher>

if you use the loadingIcon then the spinner div wont be created. Take a look at the refresher directive you will see the ng-if which dictates whether or not the loading icon or spinner div is created. So if you just leave out the spinner attribute you should be good