ionicPopup: Popup is not removed from DOM tree when using PhoneGap


I have the following issue: I am using the latest ionic version with ionic popup support in my app. When I test the application in my browser on my computer everything works fine. A popup is shown and when I click a button, the popup is removed. And, (this is important) it is no longer part of the DOM tree.

But, when I build the application using phonegap build, I have a strange behavior: When I click a button in the ionic popup window, the popup is no longer displayed (thats correct), but it is not removed from the DOM tree (as I have seen in phonegap debug mode). Thus, everytime I click on a button, the DOM tree increases and increases. Furthermore, obviously the popup is still present, because: At the position the popup was shown I can no longer click on any button. At the area around the privious popup everything works as usual. But in the area of the popup nothing reacts. Sometimes even the popup flickers and I can see it for a few milliseconds.

Any idea what is going wrong here?

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There is a issue concerning that thing:

Hope they will fix it in beta


ah great, this seems to be the same issue. So, I hope they can fix it until beta.

Thank you!


Hm, I have just upgraded my Android phone from Android 4.3 to 4.4.2. Now, I do not have this issue any more.

So obvious, it is something that does depend on the browser or platform version.