When click event triggered, scrolling event trigger at a time


First, this is sample code.

In the code I intended to hide a <ion-nav-bar>, If only user has scroll.

So when scroll to happen, <ion-nav-bar> has hided correctly.

But, If I have click the one of lists even I haven’t scrolling, console outputs message which notify that scroll to happen.

In addition <ion-nav-bar> be hided and displayed at a time.

How to do disable scrolling on click event?


Issue still exists today (ionic 1.3.2, both Android and iOS)


You can put a Click Event on

<ion-list ng-click="stopScrollonClick()" > and create a variable 

$scope.ClickEvent = true inside OnClickItem()


 $scope.stopScrollonClick = function(){
 $scope.clickHappened = true;
 $scope.headerHide = false;

Change your startScroll method to check for the clickHappened variable change.

 $scope.startScroll = function() {
	 console.log("scroll start")
 $timeout(function() {
  		  	$scope.headerHide = true;
}, 200)