Ionic3 and Bluetooth card reader


Hey folks,

I would like to write an application based on Ionic with an external credit card reader to process payments. Does anyone tried it out already? Is it possible, or should I call myself a dreamer :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any advice on this topic.



There are defintely plugins to handle bluetooth communication:


Thank you for the answer, but I’m looking for a solution to transmit the payment amount to a credit card reader and wait for the processing result- payment successful or failed. …and I have to have the result asap.


Does the reader have a native SDK? Then it should be pretty easy to write a Cordova plugin you can use in your Ionic app.
If not it sure has an API documentation on how to talk to it?


did you solve it?
i need also access to bluetooth magnetic card reader and couldnt find any working example.



Not yet. I have a credit card reader called SumUp and it comes with a valid SD, but my Cordova plug in does not work yet :frowning: I’ll inform you asap. Which card reader do you use?


I didn’t commit to a specific reader yet, I am looking for the easiest one to integrate with ionic, I Gooooooooogled a bit today and I understand that we can communicate
With all BT 4.0 BLE devices without any plugin only with this
Is it?
any pitfalls?


You should definitely look for devices that come with a Android and/or iOs SDK…


I have the liberation to choose any card reader I want.
what would be the right way to go?