Need help! How to communicate between apps?

Hi Ionic & community

I’m developing an Android Application using Ionic (newest version), after some time i encountered the limits of ionic and had to build an seperate Application with Java.

This native Android App runs in background and provide some data which my Ionic app have to read,
i dont realy now how to handle this problem, im thinking of using an server to pass the data, but im not realy sure if this is the best way to do this.

I also want to trigger some functions in this background Application from my Ionic App.

I’m building an Point-of-sale system using Ionic

My ionic app communicate between an Rest-API which is providing products and prices, i also managed my App to Print receipts and open the cash drawer (i rly love ionic <3).

The customers can pay with cash or an Mifare Classic 1k card which got read by an external nfc reader,

This reader is an ACR1255U-J1 from ACS (Advanced Card Systems) they do only provide an Java sdk and i dont know how to use it in my ionic Application.

I implemented the reader functionality in an seperate Android (Java) App to read card values.

Now i have to read the card values from the inside of my ionic app, i also need to trigger some functions in this app to reduce card value.

Thanks in advance.
Grez Leo :slight_smile:

This seems like a rather unwieldy design. I would look into trying to make a cordova plugin (and an Ionic-native shim) for the card reader instead of having two apps.

I already tried to use cordova but i didnt managed it…

somebody knows a way to communicate between apps? i know its not the best way

Hi @leen2104

Did you figure out any solution for your issue?
I have the same your problem (Ionic and ACR1255U-J1 device).

I have created NFC reader app to read the NFC card details but that to only Mifare Ultralight, Mifare classic is not working with the cordova plugin, let me know if any one find the solution for Mifare Classic reader in ionic app.