App goes back to previous version

I’ve develop an app using ionic 3.
The app is already uploaded in the store and working.
When you download and open the app for the first time everything works fine, but after that every time you open it again it loads an older version.
We have tried uninstalling and re-installing the app multiple times, creating a new version and upgrading the app, clearing cache, all with the same result.
All of this has been tried in multiple devices, always with the same results.


How can it load an old version ? From the appstore ? Since the device is blank?


maybe Load old version when i deployed apk output

Best regards, anna-liebt

I don’t know. That’s exactly the problem. The app works fine the first time you install or update, and then it loads some random previous version.

which one? where was it stored?

I’ve had this problem - it’s to do with you config file.

look for this line

variable name=“UPDATE_METHOD” value=“background”

change background to manual. What it’s doing it looking at an old update in your ionic platform and reverting to that. That should solve it