Ionic2 + (React Native | NativeScript)?


According to this

React Native and NativeScript will help AngularJS become a power-player in mobile development

This is where the meetings that took place the past few months between the Angular team, Telerik and Facebook really helped, the upcoming Angular version coming with support for NativeScript and React Native.

These two technologies provide a way to write JavaScript applications and then convert them to native code, and now Angular will allow developers to write applications on top of its core, and then plug NativeScript or React Native and use it to replace its default rendering engine, targeting native iOS and Android devices.

Can we ask if it would be possible to build native UI using Ionic2 framework? Is there any plans/roadmap?

Would it be possible to have some views native and some HTML5?



Any news on that?

Angular 2 will use NativeScipt via as I undestand, this way we can map for example “http” service to native non-ajax calls used by Android/iOS if we use NativeScript renderer, same for other services … So can we use Ionic 2 somehow in this setup as UI ?


Found GitHub issue about this: