How ionic is better than nativescript

ionic offers hybrid solution… whereas nativescript buid native app for the platform not a app rendered in platform browser as in case of ionic cordova . The one thing in which i can see ionic has advantages is pwa but that too limited to mobile ,no desktop and tablet support. So how it will differentiate with nativescript ionic team?

can i have any suggestion from ionic team

I’m not on the Ionic team, but as I see it the main advantage of Ionic is your mobile app is a web app, so you can use all the familiar technologies like HTML and CSS, while with NativeScript you need to use their own widgets and layout system so there’s more of a learning curve and less code reuse. That said NativeScript is a also an interesting project and has its own advantages.

less code reuse is a point but what the use of webapp if ionic does not have support for tablet and desktop right now. Again separate codebase for your views, you can have same typescript js logic in ionic as well as of nativescript .But you have to write your templates styling once again for webapp. In nativescript you have to do for mobile also but have a advantage of native api as compare to cordova plugin thing

Ionic2 apps seem to run fine in tablets and desktop browser windows. Maybe there’s not specific support for iPad specific landscape UI paradigms - but stuff seems to run ok.