Ionic2 material effect at Android

When testing with ionic serve I see the effect over a button like the angular material specifies, but when I deploy the application in an Android device I do not see any effect.

Am I missing something?

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I am seeing the same.

I can’t find the post now but I remember reading that there is an issue with animations in the latest beta version (10), was working in beta9

This could be the reason

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Depending on the version of android you’re targeting, the animation may be disabled for performance reasons.


Thank you mhartington. You are right!

I tested the application on a Samsumg Edge S7 Duo with Android 6.0.1 and Ionic does the desired material effect. But this phone is a newer one.

I tested on an HTC One with Android 4.4 and it does not the material effect.

I hope Ionic 2 will consider older device users to get some feedback when a button is clicked (button color change for example). If not, they only have to wait if the button was clicked.