Ionic 2 apps on android 4.* not showing click highlights on clickable components, though doing fine with versions > 5.0, including material effects

Hello community, am I the only one facing this problem?

  • Ionic serve --lab shows material design effects

  • Android devices above 5 manifests material design on clickable components e.g ripples in buttons

  • Android 4. does not show material effects, although this is seen as performance tuning* [quote=“mhartington, post:3, topic:59452, full:true”]
    Depending on the version of android you’re targeting, the animation may be disabled for performance reasons.

Users are having problems with controls they hover or click, especially on menu items since not at least a highlight is shown.
Is this a problem with code or the optimization above , is there a workaround?

Thanks for your helpful suggestions or solutions :green_heart:

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Could you explain a bit more? What seems to be the issue?

The issue seems to be in android 4’s. when one clicks a button or a linked item it’s not highlighted

At first I thought I was missing something so I tried with the starter app, the problem still persisted .
I feel that this might bring a bad UX to users on android 4’s. @mhartington what is your thoughts about this? Thanks.

This is done by default. Old android (4.4 and below) has limited animation API support. So we disabled them on purpose as to not have any performance issues.

Thanks @mhartington , is there an option to enable this, to the expense of performance or just for testing?:innocent:

You could try modifying the config value for activator.

Thanks for trying to help.
I added the config in app.module.ts

{activator :‘ripple’}
still not working.

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I’m in the exact same situation. Any updates/guidance would be appreciated.