Ionic2 - Is it possible to implement transitions/animations?

Is it possible to implement transitions/animations?
If yes, how it is possible to do so, as there is no documentation on IONIC docs talks about that.

Your help is highly appreciated!

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Transitions and the animation are a bit undocumented for good reason. They’re not properly exposed to people ATM, so I can’t provide any help right now.

Is there even a way to achieve that?
I have tried animate.css library, but unfortunately for some reason it didn’t worked!

animate css library:

add you animate.css file to www/css folder and add the following line to your index.html file

<link href="css/animate.css" rel="stylesheet">

and use it any element like this

<ion-content class="animated bounceInLeft"></ion-content>

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@anbumps I already tried that it works on the browser; however, when compiling and running the app on the device, the transitions stop to work for some weird reason.

Works fine for me in the device. New to ionic and Angular so not sure where the problem might be. If it helps, I am using the latest version of ionic and angular.

Can you share devices u have tried?? @ansbumps