Implementing ionic to angular

Hello Ionic Community,

We are currently working on a app and in order to achieve native transitions we wanted to implement ionic.
We tried to implement it into our angular project, so what I want to know is if it is even possible to do it as easy like that?

Or do we have to start a new ionic app with the ionic folder structure in order to make them work?
The current state is that we added ionic to our module, added the plugin and implemented everything we need, but the transitions dont work, there is no animation when we swipe to the next page.

The reason why we want to use ionic is that telerik doesnt provide smooth animations when sliding and it just doesnt feel smooth and native. We could make a new ionic project and implement everything form our app step by step but that would take a massive amount of time since we already got about 7000+ lines of code.

I hope for help and fast answers,
Thanks Max.