Ionic 4 animation library

Just wondering if anybody know of a tested proven library for basic animations such as fade in, etc, for ionic 4 apps. I am currently using animated.css as it’s easy to use but I’ve found a small bug on iOS and I would like to try other options.

Just in case someone is interested, Here I explain the bug:

It’s going to be hard to explain with just words but ill do my best. First, are you familiar with animate.css? if not, take a look at this fadeInDown animation

Assume you apply that class to an element on your home page for example. When you first go to that page it works perfectly fine, but if from the home page you navigate to another page and then you navigate back to home again, the fade in effect will trigger right way as it’s supposed to do but the element will make a stop half way during the transition of the fade in animation, then it will continue with the animation until the element returns to its original position. This is happening only on iOS though, everything works fine on Android or the browser.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, did you find anything?