Ion-checkbox bug

I have this problem where after using the ion-checkbox like so:

<ion-item >
    <ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="ingrediente.checked">

there appears this weird line in only the first item. Like so:

As you can appreciate in the first item there is a weird line there and after that the second item, third item etc don’t show that weird line. I deleted everything and just left the ion-checkbox there just to check that there wasn’t error in the code but it appears too. I even copy pasted the example and it happened too

Can somebody tell me if that is an error on my part or maybe is just that the framework has some weird bug?

Appreciate the help!!!

In alpha.52 and earlier versions the item didn’t really support putting a checkbox/radio/toggle inside of it, since they both received the item class and therefore they both got bottom borders.

If you update to alpha.53 the items have been reworked so now you can define a checkbox in an item like this:

  <ion-label>My Checkbox</ion-label>
  <ion-checkbox [(ngModel)]="data"></ion-checkbox>


Check out the changelog for some other big changes:

I npm installed the alpha 53 and even the error about “view was destroyed” (Or whatever) was eliminated. Thank you.

I do have another question: Do we have to check the changelog everytime there is a new version of ionic or is there a way to automatically install the new version?

Like automatically installing ionic.alpha.53 from ionic.alpha.47 automatically?

The best way i could tell is create a new project, copy the configs from there and then check the changelog just in case, you can even make a script to do all but the last thing automatically, the file names doesn’t change or hasn’t changed since a few alphas ago.

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