Ionic2-app can't run in wechat's browser of android

Hi friends.
I plan to develop webapp (not hybrid app), so I am testing ionic2 in Wechat and I cloned the ionic-conference-app. it is OK in the browser of PC, the browser of android phone and iPhone and the browser of wechat of iPhone. (the wechat is popular IM in China)

but it isn’t run in the browser of wechat of android and I get the following debug info:

Uncaught Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11 build/js/app.bundle.js:2574
global.(anonymous function).(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:2574




(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:1102



(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:1081

(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:1084


(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:49


(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:40

(anonymous function)build/js/app.bundle.js:43



someone said that browser of wechat on android phone didn’t support es6, and need to import babel-polyfill,
so i import it in app/app.js and i found following info in app.bundle.js

if (global._babelPolyfill) { throw new Error(“only one instance of babel-polyfill is allowed”); } global._babelPolyfill = true;

but it is still not run in android’s wechat?are there anybody can give me some suggestion?

the wechat link is :


Hi @foxok , I met this question too , R U solved it ?

@RocWang, I am not, I trun to ng1. are you aolved it now?

unfortunately,I am not too