How can I make a wrapper of cordova plugin which is not supported in Native plugins?


I want to use cordova-plugin-wechat in Ionic3.
I had no problem on Ionic1, but I’m not sure how to use it in Ionic3.
Can’t we use cordova plugins else ones supported in Ionic native plugins?
I think that there must be a way to make a wrapper of Cordova plugin.
Please give me advice.


Haven’t tried using this particular plugin but using the window variable should be able to find it.



Look at how Ionic Native does it with any plugin, do it the same way. Install in your project, done.


I tried to follow @ionic-native/alipay, but couldn’t get it.
There is a main file index.js. But it’s different from modules I have ever seen.


Someone suggested to me use ‘declare var Wechat:any;’ like importing jquery.
But I’m not sure it will work.