Ionic2 - Android emulator does not show the app

I’m not able to see my app in my android emulator.

if I run cordova build android I get a successful message:

:transformNative_libsWithMergeJniLibsForDebug :processDebugJavaRes
UP-TO-DATE :transformResourcesWithMergeJavaResForDebug
:validateDebugSigning :packageDebug :zipalignDebug :assembleDebug


Total time: 23.015 secs Built the following apk(s):

But as soon as I run ionic run android or ionic emulate android, the emulator starts, but I cannot see my app there.

What am I missing?


Problem is not solved, but this might help:

I receive a few warnings:

WARNING: Increasing RAM size to 1024MB

WARNING: VM heap size set below hardware specified minimum of 48MB

WARNING: Setting VM heap size to 256MB

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

The problem is SOLVED!

I’m using MathJax directive and it seemns like MathJax is not supported by Chromium. It is a MathJax issue!

After removing MathJax reference, it worked fine!

Can you tell me hice can I use mathjax in ionic 5? I’m trying It but doesn’t work