Ionic1 and Ionic2 AND Ionic 3 together

Hi there,

I have already two mobile apps created with Ionic 1. I want to try ionic 2 to create a new one, but I’m afraid that if I update to Ionic 2, if I need to solve bugs or create new functionalities in the old apps, I can have problems.

Is it dangerous to install the last Ionic version if I want to continue developing my old apps??

Thanks a lot!

The Ionic CLI supports both v1 and v2. The version of Ionic is controlled by the package.json and what is inside the node modules folder.

Enjoy the new version!


Great! Thanks :slight_smile: Then I only need to update ionic with “npm install -g ionic cordova” and continue working, isn’t it?

That will update the CLI and Cordova as well. You don’t have to update Cordova if you don’t need to.

When you generate the app, you just need to include the --v2 flag to generate an Ionic 2 app instead of an Ionic 1 app.

Well, now it doesn’t work anything, perfect!!
Upgraded Ionic and Node and everything is broken…Hopefully I can leave everything as it was yesterday…

EDIT --> I managed to clean and update and everything, and (I don’t really know why) now it’s everything working again and with Ionic 2.2.2 installed
EDIT2 --> I’m a little bit crazy, so I will try now with Ionic 3…hahaha
EDIT3 --> After installing Ionic 3 I get new errors, and it looks like Im not the only one with the problem:

The phrase “Ionic 3” is probably completely best avoided at this point. I believe you installed v3 of the CLI, which is prerelease software that you probably don’t want to be dealing with. I would suggest rolling back to the stable CLI version.