Should I update Ionic cli to 2?


I have an App with almost 30K users and today while I was changing some things I saw the “warning”:

Ionic CLI is out of date:

My question is simple: If I update it, do I need to “convert” my app to Ionic 2 (typescript, angular 2 and all the other things) or I can still compile/run my app as is without changes?

I want to learn and use Ionic 2 but I don’t want to “waste” time converting this app right now…

Regards, Rodrigo.

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Hi Rodrigo, I have updated my Ionic CLI for 2, I had problem with version of NodeJs and Npm, after resolution this problem I have can build normaly my project development in Ionic version 1

Carlos Rodrigues
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No you don’t. If you download the lartest cli you can still build for ionic 1. In fact you build depending on the ionic version you have. But check the changelog in case they changed stuff for ionic 1. I don’t use it anymore so I haven’t checked.

@analista.carlosh and @bandito Thanks!

I want to convert it to Ionic 2 one day but now now… :slight_smile:

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You can safely update the CLI, it won’t change anything for a 1 app :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t convert it if I was you. AngularJS guys and ionic are still supporting the their respective first versions so I wouldn’t do it. I would just fix and update the bugs.

Adding to this topic:

After updating ionic-cli to v2 I got 2 warnings running my v1 project:

  1. WARN: ionic.project has been renamed to ionic.config.json, please rename it. (solved by doing what it says)
  2. ✗ You cannot run iOS unless you are on Mac OSX. (after using “ionic run”, solved with: “ionic run android”)