Ionic won't allow me to create an Ionic Vue project

For some odd reason, I suddenly cannot create an Ionic project with Vue.

Looks like it tries to create from a template named vue what command are you running?

ionic. I’m trying to follow the tutorial here Your First Ionic App: Vue - Ionic Documentation

Whats your output of ionic -v

I uninstalled then installed again and my version is 4.1.2 now

Install the latest cli version by:

npm install -g @ionic/cli then try again

The package you are using is deprecated - see ionic - npm

yup that’s what I did. It refuses to install the new version. I’ve even typed in the version number.

No you installed the old ionic package

first uninstall ionic, then install @ionic/cli

npm uninstall -g ionic
npm uninstall -g @ionic/cli

Check ionic command to see if it was properly uninstalled

ionic --version

if it returns something, then there is something wrong in your node installation and it’s not uninstalling global packages for some reason. You’ll probably have to uninstall and reinstall nodejs.

if didn’t return anything, then install the new ionic CLI

npm install -g @ionic/cli
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ok i did and it installed 4.1.2

ok this is strange, inside of VS code, ionic --version gives me 4.1.2 but if i run cmd as admin, version is 6.17.1

they might be using different node versions, try running the commands I told you on the VS code terminal too

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My VS Code is strange. I ran the uninstall commands then ionic --version
and Ionic is still there.

See if this Thread help you to sort your issue… i kinda had faced a similar issue sometime back