Ionic with live database

Hey, anyone tried using the database with ionic application that should use from live database. i didn’t found any post regarding how to create and use the database for ionic application that is live, it means that for registration, user authentication and like any change in password from the app, should affect the live database.
Is it possible? if it does how?

Yes its possible, depending really what you mean by “Live”.

  1. use database like firebase or alternative for real time data exchange between your app and the backend

  2. if you have your own database hosted somewhere use a Restful API using get and post you can update that makes any time you make a post to change things in your database it will affect your app.

  3. Use cloud backend there are many they give you a need api access to deal with all the backend stuff. look into things like parse or similar

It really depends on what database where is the data and other things to narrow it down to one thing.


thank you so much… :slight_smile: @Cmaden

Hi @Cmaden can you tell me how can i implement or connect to a database, i didn’t find any solution or example for database connection to ionic app to proceed. i am really struggling to achieve it…