Ionic white screen when app launched from multitasking bar


When I select my app from the multitasking panel on android , a white screen covers the app and if a touch the screen it fades a way . All my ionic apps are behaving that way , Am testing on android 4.3


Does this still happen when you start a new application?

ionic start myApp tabs 

and then then generate the apk file by

ionic build android

then install it on your device?

Try installing ionic view on your device and uploading/running your application on that instead.

ionic upload

After the white screen fades away does the application load? Could be a splashscreen problem.


All my apps behave that way even if a start a new one , I just dont know how I can show you the problem
Am using this command
ionic run android

when I touch the screen the white screen disappears


Have you tried testing it on an actual android device?


am using an actual device Sony Experia


Try building the apk and moving it onto your device that way.

ionic build android


I have managed to solve the problem today !!! but I have done something really crazy I have added this <ion-refresher on-refresh="refreshData()"></ion-refresher> between <ion-content></ion-content> now no matter how long the app stays on the multitasking panel I dont get a white screen . and even if I switch the app with other apps the white screen doest show up. THanks anway


Brilliant! Glad you solved it!


in my quest to understand the real cause I have noticed something strange . I have tried testing the code with tow versions of ionic as from 1.0.0-beta.1 codenamed actinium and the latest version , the problem persists in the present build of ionic but not that beta version. I have also tested with ionic-bower#1.0.0-rc.1 and get the same problem . So I think there is something wrong with ionic , and the white screen I have realized is the background color of the body tag ,