Ionic/vue without Vue 3?

I’m using NuxtJS in a web application that needs to eventually also have Android and iOS apps.

NuxtJS doesn’t support Vue 3 yet, so my application doesn’t meet the ionic/vue requirement of Vue 3, but I’m hoping that I can still get started with ionic/vue while using Vue 2.6.x.

Is there an older version of ionic/vue that I could use which supports Vue 2.6.x, and then I’d be able to just upgrade Nuxt and Ionic versions when the next major version release for Nuxt (supporting Vue 3) comes out? So far I haven’t seen anything in the docs about support for earlier Vue versions.

Any other suggestions to get started with ionic/vue while using Vue 2.6.x are much appreciated too. Hopefully there’s a way!

@ionic/vue only supports Vue 3. We do not have plans to add support for Vue 2 at this time.

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