Ionic View: No apps showing up

I’ve created a couple of ionic apps and ran the ionic upload command, which asks for my email and password. I enter those and it says Logged In and then it says Uploading app. When I go to Ionic View and log in using the same email and password all I ever see is the splash screen saying I don’t have any apps.

Not sure what to do now. Is there a webpage on ionic’s site that allows me to see a list of apps uploaded in my account?

Has anyone else had an issue like this?


Same Problem here…

I had this issue when i tryed to upload app from OSx when i’ve uploaded same app from windows it worked. I don’t know why:)

I’ve tried it on Linux and OSX with no luck. I don’t have an environment set up on Windows. Hopefully the Ionic folks have an explanation.

Ok got it working with a bit of help from ionic guys. I ran “ionic info” and it told me I needed to update to latest ionic version so I ran “npm install -g ionic”, reran my build and ran the upload and it worked.

I’m also seeing this. The output from the ionic upload looked like this;

Logged in : )
Uploading app…

And then I’m back to my command prompt. I’ve no idea if it takes some time to appear.

Oh actually, looking here (not sure this is the right place), it says I don’t have any projects. So maybe the issue is with the upload.

UPDATE: I re-ran the ionic upload and this time got an extra output line;

Successfully uploaded (xxxxxxx)

And now it appears in the web link too.

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I confirm. It seems you have to do it twice. I don’t, it may be related to the login phase on the CLI.

Works fine, other that that !

Great work, Ionic Team.