Issue with Ionic View - ionic upload not logging in

I am having problems with Ionic View in the CLI using $ ionic upload. It is asking me to log in and then saying my email and password are not correct. I logged in at the ionic site and checked everything, even changed the password, still not working!

Any ideas or know issues happening with this?



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Nothing? No help at all? Emailed support as well yesterday and haven’t heard anything. Very frustrating!

I’m having the same problem with ionic upload command.


I was getting this error as well (well, similar, 403’ing out) so I went to ionic,io to login and found that it was complaining about me being a robot… So I tried logging out of my VPN and voila! All good.

So, if you’re using a VPN or are otherwise on a gray or blacklisted IP you might be getting this issue.

I eventually reinstalled ionic, cordova and nodejs and it seemed to fix the problem. I can only assume it was an outdated CLI or something, but the libraries were not playing nice with each other.