Cannot upload my app to Ionic ("Connect your App")

I am trying to upload my app to share it via the Ionic view app. I executed the following commands in the folder of my app:

1. Install the latest Ionic CLI

npm install -g ionic@latest

2. Connect your app to Ionic Pro

    Start a new app
    Connect existing app

ionic link --pro-id XXXXXXX

3. Push your code up to the dashboard!

git push ionic master

It all seems to work fine. But if I access it on the Ionic View App, it does not show me my app. It shows me a different standard app (the “tabs” app). So it seems to upload the wrong files.
Any sugggestions how to solve that?

I solved the issue. After the following commands the correct files were uploaded.

git add -a
$ git commit -m "bla bla"

What kind of account do you have to have, Starter, Developer to do it?

Pro Account. But as I pointed out above upload worked after the commit

Ok Thanks for response