Ionic View & Ionic Build issue


I’ve been working on an app for my college. Here’s the thing; when I open the app through Ionic View, it works fine. When I open the APK in my Android, the content from the API never returns and the splash screen isn’t displaying anymore (some builds before it was working).

Ionic View:


Android APK:


What Cordova version are you using?


$ cordova -v

$ cordova platform version android
Installed platforms: android 4.0.2


One last question, because you’re using Cordova 5+ version, have you whitelisted your remote API content?

For more information read this article:


Hey, it worked for load content! However, the splashscreen still missing.



Great, one done, one more to go :smile:

Take a look at this link:

It may help you with your splash screen problem.

On the other hand, you can always try pure JavaScript solution:


It was solved by installing the Cordova plugin. It seems strange that have been deleted.


Congrats, I hope you won’t come back soon :wink: