Ionic view for sharing app not working



my ionic view used to work, I could login inoic view website to invite other people to view app by send email invitation.
But now it does not work anymore. I am able to add other email for sending out invitation.
But other people did not receive the email. Althoug on website it shows sending out successfully

What is reason? Any hints will be more than welcome!



Any updates on this?

Im also sending email to collaborators and they’re not receiving them nor being added? Worth mentioned is that they have their ionic account associated with that exact email

Whats up with this?



I am not able to send invites in the ionic view websites.
When I enter the email addresses and click on invite nothing happens.
In both share > invite and
Settings>Collaborators> Add collaborator

The app is a ionic 1 app.


thanks for your reply, the problem is fixed, reason is i send to user’s email which is not registered.
but send pop up says, send sucessfully. which makes me not aware of this problem.