Adding Collaborators on


Anyone else experiencing issues adding collaborators on I added several users but they never get a confirmation email and so they can’t add the apps to their Ionic View for testing…


Same thing happened to our team yesterday.


Same here. @ionic when will it be fixed ?


See here:

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Any update on this? Offering this service is a cornerstone to what I have been pitching as a new convenience to client testing.

Additionally, is there a way you can blast out a warning to us for something like this? I moved to the testing phase with a new client and now the client really only sees that I’m unable to deliver on a promised tech.

Any of the above would go a long way toward allowing me to defend this process going forward.

thank you!

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There is a big “Subscribe to updates” button on the status page, the updates are also posted on @Ionicframework on Twitter I think.


I saw the notice that this was resolved:
This incident has been resolved.
Posted 2 days ago. Jul 18, 2017 - 22:30 UTC

But it is still not working for me. When I click on Invite I get a brief spinner and the screen stays where it is and notifications are not sent out.

Is this working for other people?

thanks much!


This morning the interface has changed and the functionality is back. Thanks very much. Great platform!