Can't share my app


Hello, I’ve tried to share my app with people. I’ve sent the invites, and when they try to view the app through ionic view (ios), they’re told “Invalid invite, please contact support”.

Can someone tell me what to do?



I also ran into it, and what I found out is that generally this means that they are not logged in with a valid “” user account.

So what gives? When they see this error message, there will/should be (at the top of the page) two tiny links “signup” and “login”. The links are very small, so very easy to miss.

So the idea is that when they receive an invite they first need to sign up (this creates a ‘collaborator’ account for them for your app on And then they end up on the page for your app, and they probably still have no clue what to do!

They then need to download the Ionic View app from the Google Play or Apple App store, and they need to open the Ionic View app. The Ionic View app then asks them to log in, again (with the account they created before). When they do that they can finally view your app.

Now when you make changes to your app they need to understand how to update it. So from your running app they need to go back to the Ionic View ‘main’ screen and click the option to redownload your files.

But, it’s not intuitive how to get back to the main screen. On an iOS device you can use a 3 finger gesture but that doesn’t work on Android. Just press the back button a few dozen times or kill the app and restart it to get to the main screen.

All in all not a very simple and intuitive user experience.