Ionic View + Firebase

I have a firebase based app which works perfectly well as standalone but when used inside ionic view seems to never receive answer from the server during login/fetch datarequests.

I have enabled cordova-plugin-whitelist.

Any suggestion how to debug this issue?
Thank you

if you are using the firebase plugin, it will not work in the view app as the plugin is not available in view app. it is better to use the js sdk of firebase. then it will work.

I’m not use firebase angular plugin but the node sdk version

Anyone from the ionic view team? :blush:

Does this work when loading your app on your device without ionic view?

Yup, works perfectly when run as app on our android tablet (didn’t test on ios), no console warnings either. AppId (if of help): f1365788

@mhartington just tested in ionic view and stand alone on ios, both work beautifully, same version on android works standalone but not in ionic view


So currently view on android doesn’t have the whitelist plugin installed, so that’s why you’re having issues.

@mhartington So apps using Firebase aren’t going to work in Ionic View, on Android … that’s good to know because that explains why it doesn’t work for me. Exactly the same issue I suppose. I’ll then have to ask my client/tester to test on iOS or I’ll need to send him an APK I suppose.

Any update on Ionic View getting the whitelist plugin installed?

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How can I use ionic view on ios with firebase. Do I need to use some plugin?

Bumping this topic: anyone had succes getting Ionic View & Firebase to work? (legacy and/or pro)