Ionic View + Firebase notifications

I have an Ionic 3 app that use Firebase for push notifications with the AngularFire2 plugin. This works fine when I install the app on my Android phone.

Now I tried the app via Ionic View app. My app shows fine in Ionic View but no push notifications are received. Should this work or is this a limitation of Ionic View?


That’s old tech. I’d try to get Firestore working. I’m sure there’s an answer to your question, but I’m not convinced it’s worth figuring out.

No, it’s not. Firestore is one part of the Firebase world for storing data. Authentication and cloud messaging are two other parts.


There’s a difference between a cloud function and a cloud firestore function.

Of course, but Firestore is not the solution for my problem.

From the docs at Firebase:

Cloud Firestore
Use our flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data for client- and server-side development.

It has nothing to do with Cloud Messaging. And that’s what I was asking for. I have no need to use Firestore but Firebase Cloud Messaging.

Maybe my “advice” is useless then, sorry. I had guessed that you were interested in FCM to notify users of a change in your database. If you’re just looking for a messaging service, people have reported good results here from the OneSignal plugin. The Firebase native plugin has been in beta for a long time. But bottom line: I don’t know how the plugin interacts with Ionic View.

Is it in general possible to use Cordova plugins in Ionic View? I tried the QR code scanner and it doesn’t seem to work either.

From what I understand, Firebase cloud messaging does not work on iOS during development. Not until the app hits the app-Store.

Seems ridiculous, as it makes it impossible to test the process before publishing, but, I think it may actually be the case.

Take it with a grain of salt. I’ve always taken the route that @AaronSterling mentioned out of frustration (using onesignal).

And my results were identical to yours. Works fine via android during dev, never on iOS. I even found this to be the case when building apps via PhoneGap Build. So it’s not just an Ionic issue.

And yes, many plugins work via ionic view. I’ve not tried the scanner, but most of the time whatever plugins I have work just fine.

I did not test it on iOS yet. But the Firebase messaging and the QR code scanner do not work with Ionic View on Android.

Yeah, again, I haven’t given the qr scanner a try on View yet. As far as Firebase messaging, now that I think about it, it worked via Android Studio (without the use of a FCM plugin).

If you search the forums, you’ll find a ton of people asking the same question as you. I don’t know that FCM is being maintained anymore. Bottom line is, it seems to take a lot of work and/or a lot of luck to get it working in any scenario.

Which is why I have always gone the onesignal route. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but this subject is a tough one to find any help with based on personal experience

From my experience, FCM and the AngularFire2 plugin is quite intensively maintained. And it was quite easy to get it working in my app.

The problems came in when I tried Ionic View. But maybe that is not the right solution for what I want to do.

AngularFire2, yes. FCM, I have NEVER been able to get that working. I may be picking your brain at some point soon!

And agreed on @AaronSterling 's comment. AngularFire2 is not a plugin.

Waitasec. Could you link to this? Because there’s no such thing as the AngularFire2 plugin. We might have a misunderstanding based on language.

@fortunella, I just added the barcode scanner to an app, pushed to Ionic View, and it is working just fine. Perhaps there is an issue with your implementation?

Could you post your code for me to take a quick look at?

Yeah, his code is the issue. If there’s no Cordova involved, then he’s not talking to the outside world correctly. Just so you know, @fortunella, these are plugins:

Edit: Your link is to an npm library. A plugin lies inside the Cordova ecosystem, not the npm ecosystem. Most things inside the npm ecosystem are either TypeScript or vanilla JS. Cordova plugins tend to be written in Java. The interfaces between Cordova plugins and Ionic execution are sometimes suspect, and plugins do not always keep pace with the native operating systems they are interacting with. So there are a lot of extra issues to consider when you ask about plugins.

@fortunella did you got fcm working in Ionic View?
I have the same issue.
It works when running on my local android device, but not in Ionic View
The message I receive is “plugin_not_installed”

Supported plugins in ionic view

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