Ionic view -> error: connection error

hi ionic community,
Is there any issue for this problem ?
it occure when trying to view app
below is what I am getting it is a iPhone 5c v 10.3.2
As I am a beginer in web development and not the best in English please be the very clear

I just checked mine and I’m prompted a 403 upon deleting an old app. It may be an issue with the servers hosting the content on the ionic view app.

However, please open the ionic view app and click the gear icon then try clearing all app data.

Let me know if your problem persists.

very fast answer ! @Neonic1 thank you very much I’m doing it
at the moment it’s very slow this round thing keep turning I don’t know if it will stop

maybe deleting the app is the best solution ?

Yes, delete the app and try reinstalling. If you still have errors it can be your connection, disable any vpns or proxies. If it still persists give the app time their servers might be down.