Ionic View App

Same thing here. I can’t wait for this to work - it looks like a very useful tool!

Hi there,

I have a little problem with my barcodescanner. I have this code in my html :

     <button id="startScan" data-ng-click="startScan">  
         Start Scan  

<div id="results"></div>

And this is my js file:

var resultDiv;
        document.addEventListener("deviceready", init, false);
        function init() {
        	document.querySelector("#startScan").addEventListener("touchend", startScan, false);
        	resultDiv = document.querySelector("#results");

        function startScan() {

        		function (result) {
        			var s = "Result: " + result.text + "<br/>" +
        			"Format: " + result.format + "<br/>" +
        			"Cancelled: " + result.cancelled;
        			resultDiv.innerHTML = s;
        		function (error) {
        			alert("Scanning failed: " + error);


I include the barcodescanner.js in my project (from here) but it still doesn’t work. You know why? Please help.

Hi @ionelaluncanu - I’m not sure you’ll get a response to a barcodescanner.js question in a post about the Ionic View App. Maybe try asking it in its own post, or as it’s not really Ionic specific, you could try StackOverflow.

Also, you may want to take a look at ngCordova barcodescanner plugin - a more Angular/Ionic way of doing things.

The Ionic View App has been updated but now crashes at start. I have an iPhone 5s, someone with this problem too?

Same thing happens with my iPhone 5S, Ionic View crashes at start. The app was working fine before the update.

Just wondering if there was any update on thr progress of Ionic View?
Anyone had it working successfully?

It looks great!

I wanted to test my app with the Ionic View App, but can’t upload my app from the command line tool. Also i can’t login with the Ionic View App, it shows me a “Status 500 Error” while trying to login in. Is this service currently down?

Apparently the Ionic guys are waiting for Apple to accept a new version of the Ionic View app. That was the last we heard from the devs about it about 7 days ago.

Can we PLEASE get an update on this!


Here’s our official update; thanks for being patient: The Ionic View app is still in development, and when it’s ready for widespread use, we’ll let you know. Sorry for any confusion.

do you have any news about ionic view app?

i installed the the app, made an “ionic upload” and also see the my ionic app listed in the view app. But when it tries to download / sync the app, i only get a “sync failed. status: 403” error =(
i’m really curious to see this working =)

I’m having the same issue as you.

Hi, I believe everyone is experiencing the same problem. It’s not ready yet.

@katiegv - Perhaps the Ionic team could give us another update though as I think quite a few people are keen to hear about the progress?


Sorry for the wait on this! We’ve been focused on the next beta release, but now that we’re close on that, we can turn attention back to the Ionic View app. You can expect some news over the next couple of weeks! Thanks, everyone, for being patient. We really appreciate it.


Just to report I have updated the ionic view app and successfully uploaded my fledgling app to it. Thanks! Does this mean the app is running like native now in ionic view? Should plugins like local notifications etc work?



I don’t seem to be able to update my app once it is on the ionic view “host app”. I am trying like this

do ionic build
do ionic uload
pull down app list screen to show udated modified date in apps list card
poke app card. (what is the verb for click on a phone?)
poke sync to latest
poke clear app data
poke view app

app loads but has not updated - my sass changes and html changes have not carried through to ionic view.

Closing Ionic View completely & restarting updates my app. hth someone.

Plugins do not seem to work. Installing the share plugin:

cordova plugin add

and just doing this:

< button onclick="window.plugins.socialsharing.share(null, null, '', null)">image only</button>

Gives a share button that brings up the generic dialog in the emulator but not in ionic view.

Hmm we’ll look into the updating thing, definitely sounds like a bug.

As for plugins, only a small set of plugins are included with this initial release (Device, BarcodeScanner, StatusBar, Keyboard) with many more to come as we test them out. That means that many plugins won’t work right now, but as plugins are one of the main reasons to use View it’ll be something we focus on in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback!