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Hi everyone,

I’m able to upload my apps to the Ionic View App just fine. However once these apps show up in the Ionic View App for iOS there’s no way to delete/remove them. Is this a bug or is there something I need to do from the command line?


+1 is it possible to remove his app ?


+1 Removing / Deleting apps would be helpful.


I cant login to Ionic View. I just get a Status code: 401 error


I am unable to login as well.


Hey guys we made some backend changes yesterday that temporarily broke the View login, everything should be good now.

Deleting your apps will be in the next release.

Deleting Ionic View Project Application

sorry but I can’t login, error 403


If closing and re-opening doesn’t work, try deleting the app and re-installing. Not ideal I know, but no other way to force your session to refresh right now.


Thanks, I delete the app and reinstall and all is fine now.


I’ve tried reinstalling the app as suggested and then I can login just fine. However, after launching an app inside Ionic View and then closing Ionic View, the login fails again.

Is there no other way to use this than to reinstall the whole thing every time I have to launch it?


App ID is defined in your ionic.project file. In the Ionic View App you can find it right below the title as "ID: <app_id>


Could you add the ability to DELETE an app from the website “” ? Shouldn’t this be pretty straightforward ?


Is there any way to debug while viewing the app in Ionic View. My app works in the browser and on the emulator but I just get a white screen when I try to open it inside of Ionic View.


It wasnt working for me either. After logging in for the first time in the web version @ and after that login again on the phone, it worked.


My app seems to be scaled 2x in Ionic View (looks like 320x480 instead of 640x960), testing on an iPhone 4s, everything else seems fine though. look at the 50x50 placeholder image. Hugely blown up somehow. How can I change this?


There seems to be an issue regarding the $ionicPopup while in the Ionic View App, atleast that’s the only thing I seem to be able to isolate as the cause of the issue. When I navigate to the page which uses the popup, my header-bar seems to break (keeps the title from whatever the previous page was, and doesn’t display appropriate buttons), and is also not scrollable. The puzzling part to me is that I’m not even executing the popup at this point. It’s on a settings page, which has a logout button, where I use a confirmation popup, and I’m not even getting to the point of clicking to bring up the popup. Just wanted to note this for anyone else. The popup works fully in browser, emulator, as well as installing the app directly on the device via xcode.


Just a friendly FYI: The Ionic View app is now out for Android! :smile:



Wow that’s pretty funky, I’m not sure…

One thing that could be getting people is that View takes a while to initialize, but ionic is available right away. If you have any controller code that runs immediately, try wrapping it in a short $timeout and see if that helps.


Most awesome. just tried it out. Thank you!!


Wow, ok. The timeout suggestion looks like it may have worked… I had a check for window.cordova, followed by $cordovaEmailComposer.isAvailable() IF cordova was there, so that I could hide the iOS email functionality for non-iOS devices. ***So, to be clear it appears it wasn’t actually related to $ionicPopup. Once I wrapped this in a timeout, it seems to work ok so far. Thanks for the suggestion.