Ionic View: App is blank white screen?

Ionic View: I have pushed my app code up with git push ionic master. The code is there. I even did a clone so I can prove the code is there. I have built the code and shared the channel.

I go into the Ionic VIew app, and my app is there. I pick it. I get a blank white screen nothing…

With ionic serve, the app functions as expected. With Ionic DevApp when I can get that to work, the app behaves as expected.

Can someone help me here?

It failed on me when building to Android.

Gave up in the end, am now building for real.

Hi there, did you find a solution for this? Also facing the same problem!

I found this happens when you have an unstable npm package installed.
My problem was angular animations package.
I removed everything related to angular animations and it started working fine.

Did you manage to get this fixed? Suffering the same issue.

Ok, cool. Thanks. I just ended up creating a new project and that did the fix.

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That fixes the problem yes.

Usually this happens when you have an NPM package which requires dependencies that are not installed in your project yet…
Angular animations for instance, cause this problem all the time… I decided to let it go forever.